Tuesday, August 30, 2011

today's inspiration / (more) dining tables and bar carts

the rug in the above dining room is an ebay purchase and it is gorgeous, isn't it? found it here

bar carts are on of my favourite things (they are super cool aren't they?) I just adore the cart above
found here

another lovely table (with bar cart in the corner!) love the wall art 
found here

two more adorable carts (above) found here - isn't this orange one great? Love it!

And now...
here are the recipients of the sweetest blog award:

mix and chic;
dolce dreams;
a kiss from the past;
jarrah jungle;
la-la linh;
melli's designs;
thea and sami;
the white shed;
carla loves photography;
mom's turf

congrats everyone!

and now...
for the 7 random things about myself...

well...I'm an aries which means...
I'm stubborn, bossy...a perfectionist,
I hate clutter (infact you can find me sorting out wardrobes and cupboards in my spare time!)
I love my children &
I love entertaining :)

there you go, this is all from me for now...

have a great night everyone and

take care,

Claudia xo


  1. O Thank you!!! im so happy :) your blog is sweet <3

  2. Oh i love them all, bar carts, too cute. I'm kind of loving tables with mismatched mixed up chairs too, have one on my post today, snap. Love Posie

  3. What is it about a bar cart that just screams glamour?

  4. I'm gaga over the first bar cart - it has such French style, doesn't it? Wish I had more room in my dining room to invest in one!

  5. Just loving the drink trolleys! Enjoy your Wednesday. Mimi xx

  6. Great pictures. I'm looking for a new table, so thanks for the inspiration.x

  7. Love that first dining room - incredible! These bar carts add such an element of glamour to a room, just gorgeous xx

  8. I love bar carts because they are so pretty and interesting with all the colors and labels and organization of it all, but with teenagers in the house and a stream of kids coming and going, we no longer have one. It just didn't seem right, anyone with me on this? I do love that collage wall from Domino magazine...it's perfection!

  9. @ Annie
    yes I know exactly what you mean, we have teenagers too and it's just not right to show off the alcohol (we need to hide it actually)

  10. I just love your finds here Claudia! Gorgeous!

  11. Look at you winning awards up and down! Congrats! You deserve it :)

  12. Thank you, Claudia, you are so kind! :) I am an Aries too so I can totally relate. LOL.

    By the way, the first picture is so amazingly gorgeous and very inspiring! From the dining table, chairs, the rug to the wall color, everything just play off each other beautifully. Love the visual dynamic among the objects, too! And I totally adore the bar cart in the second image, it's very beautiful with classic lines. Something I would love for a very long time. :)

    Have a fabulous day, Claudia!


  13. Owww shucks thanks so much Claudia :)
    I love bar carts they are so retro but classic as well. Great inspiration pics as always x