Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happiness is...



love the image's so innocent, untroubled, beautiful...


I'd like the above quote in my office or on a wall at home...a kind reminder for those less joyous days...

On a different (happiness) note...
It's Spring today! Finally...I'm so happy...
I went for a walk in my garden
and came back with... 
this orchid branch (saw it lying on the grass it must have broken...maybe
one of my children knows something about it...)
couldn't leave it's just lovely and it's now sitting on my sideboard :)

it makes me happy!

wish you all a wonderful first day of Spring :)

Take care,

Claudia xo


  1. I love that quote.. So true indeed

  2. Hello Claudia:
    This is such a very joyful post and we particularly delight in the image of the beach scene. What great fun and happiness.

  3. That quote has a beautiful message, thanks for reminding me to "stop and smell the roses". x

  4. Yay for Spring! I love this quote, it has such a poignant message. Love your gorgeous flowers xx

  5. Love those quotes, very wise words indeed! The second image is amazing and fabulous! Looks like they are having a lot of fun, too!

    Happy Spring, Claudia!


  6. So jealous that you can grow orchids and get them to flower! No mean feat. The monks on the beach is the most fabulously happy and powerful image.

    Words of sensible wisdom! Virginia x

  7. Lucky you with orchids in your yard! I am happy you have a spring in your step, have a wonderful weekend my friend with the men in your life ~ and thank you so much for your kind and inspiring words, it has been a challenging week, and they meant alot!
    xo, Nathalie

  8. I love all these Happiness prints! They are all so true!

  9. Hello Claudia,

    This is just a hopefull blogspot,there are words for...

    Have a good weekend