Thursday, August 4, 2011

cafe society

                     the gorgeous "Granola" cafe in Copenhagen above (read more about it here )
             I really love the look of it (I mean tolix chairs and industrial style pendants? LOVE at first

              And for some lovely organic produce...

                        The charming "Daylesford organic" in Munich -above- is a must! (visit it here)
                      It looks divine and the food scrumptious.

                       Here in Sydney I love "The Boathouse" at Palm Beach

                      A beautiful location...

      ...gorgeous decor and beautiful food (yummy breakfast and lunch menus to choose from)

    what more can you ask for? (check it out here)

Have a spectacular day...
(if you are in Sydney you are in for a treat - a gorgeous blue sky and 23 C. Enjoy! )


Claudia xo


  1. Love, love, love this style of industrial quirky in cafe design. Especially the little stools in the Granola image. They are the kind of cafes that I just want to stay in for ages, to check out all the interesting little details.

    What's with the crazy weather? We have 21 degrees in Melbourne today - but then back to 13 tomorrow! At least you should get your beautiful weather to last a bit longer than ours. Go enjoy it Claudia!

    Virginia x

  2. I LOVE pendant lights and desperately hope I can have them in my house one day! There's a Daylesford Organic in London and I'm visiting next week, so will have to pop in! Hope you've had a good week xx

  3. How inspiring! I'd love for my new home to have a mini cafe like the 1st photo :) It'd be great for our weekend morning coffee breaks.

  4. Love that cafe in the first picture! It's so chic, warm and inviting!


  5. And suddenly I want some hot chocolate...thank you for the international cafe tour!

  6. Love these places, Claudia - so charming! xo

  7. Oh I'm loving those industrial style lamps...

    Those are really lovely places ♥

    Oh I'd devour anything shrimp or prawn!

  8. ohh that cafe is so cool in the first picture..i like the lights in it!

  9. Love the Granola Cafe - I'm right into the industrial look at the moment too.
    Beth x

  10. Love that first cafe....isn't it amazing how chairs and lighting make such a difference?