Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Finding beauty in ordinary objects

Don't look on look through...because sometimes the best (most attractive) things are the ones we find ourselves staring at daily
A window, the washing...?
A mirror...a reflection?
Some branches in a vase...a saddle...?
Treasured objects assembled by chance on a sideboard...?
The Japanese art of Wabi Sabi comes to mind...
In Wabi Sabi the aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete".
A most fascinating subject for the global decorator, one that I find myself drawn too constantly. 
I know that I enjoy creating art and interiors that are imperfect and unfinished. That's because in my opinion 'decorating' is a journey not a destination and therefore it ought to bring an element of spirituality to a room or garden to be aesthetically pleasing and one hundred per cent inspirational.

images the glossier nerd

"The words wabi and sabi do not translate easily. Wabi originally referred to the loneliness of living in nature, remote from society; sabimeant "chill", "lean" or "withered". Around the 14th century these meanings began to change, taking on more positive connotations. Wabi now connotes rustic simplicity, freshness or quietness, and can be applied to both natural and human-made objects, or understated elegance. It can also refer to quirks and anomalies arising from the process of construction, which add uniqueness and elegance to the object. Sabi is beauty or serenity that comes with age, when the life of the object and its impermanence are evidenced in its patina and wear, or in any visible repairs".
Wikipedia ~

I like the modern translation to Wabi Sabi, especially the terms: "rustic simplicity, freshness and quietness and understated elegance".

Do you agree?

Claudia xo


  1. Interesting read...
    and informative too.
    I love how you find beauty in simple things
    it takes a creative eye and a lovely soul, I guess.

  2. So well said Claudia! Couldn't agree more :)

    Abbey x

  3. I love all of this inspiration! It's gorgeous!

  4. Gorgeous Claudia! I hope you're having a great week :)

    Abbey x