Monday, December 5, 2011

Still confused...

I've spent most of my weekend planning our Xmas drinks (on the 10th) and decorating. I've organised the menus, got our xmas decorations out...I am still confused though about what to do with those decorations. I was thinking of steering away from tradition this year and trade our xmas tree for something a bit different, perhaps a bit more modern...Children though have a mind of their own, don't they? My son's idea of tree is big, green and traditional with lots and lots of fairy lights (it has to light up the whole house, he says) I decided to listen to the children and put our (traditional) tree up. We decorated it and it was...well, too big, I felt like I couldn't I decided to put it out on the deck. You might think I am mad (and maybe I am) but I need order and neatness at home (!!!) I know, I know...please have mercy!!! After all I am a decorator! If it doesn't look right and doesn't feel right well it's a no, no unfortunately! 
I would love something very simple, white (and silver) and glass is probably the way to go, I'm going to have lots of tea lights and scented candles everywhere, fresh flowers and a few real, small trees scattered around in pots..I would love that
So far I've got some branches with fairy lights in a glass vase 
I think they look lovely next to my white collection below (which I will be rearranging many more times I'm sure)

I've put some baubles at the bottom of the vase so that it looks a bit more Christmassy 

and hung a couple of glass birds...they look sweet

our nativity set is on display too - I bought this one years ago, I still love its simplicity.
Well this is it for me my friends. My week is looking a little bit crazy but...well, isn't everyone's?
Oh and if you have any ideas or suggestions (for decorations, new age tree, canapes and so on) please leave a comment below. 
I look forward to hearing from you :)

Claudia xo 


  1. In this weather you might need to serve warm beverages!

  2. Oh, I so love your fairy lights. Where did you get them? I too love candles everywhere and your idea of the small, real trees around would be lovely. I'm still thinking on the canapes!! Leahx

  3. Oh thanks Leah, they are just from freedom and they are attached to the branches (very convenient!) xo

    Yes Nat, you are right, you never know what might happen with such temperamental weather! xo

  4. Hi Claudia
    I still like the idea of the big 'real' tree.. throw back from childhood.. but hate the mess so I think outside sounds like a great idea... and the smaller lights inside are lovely also...

    by the way I love that artwork behind your lights!! lovely...

    PS hope this crazy weather is ruining your party plans.. Have a great week.. ciao xxx Julie

  5. Loving your collection of white vases.
    Here we are having a dinner party the 17th, but decided to make it a Winter Dinner and not such a specific Christmas event. But first St. Petersburg for next weekend. Hopefully that will put me in the spirit of the season:)

  6. I think your on the right track giving the kids their big green tree to decorate and then you can have some modern decorations inside and around the house. I love the look of glass bowls and vases with boubles and beads inside ... will be getting the decos out this week I think!

  7. I love your Nativity Set! Have fun decorating, it is always nice to make a change ~ I have a new kitten that is forcing a change :)
    Have a wonderful week!

  8. Christmas decorating can be such fun but such stress!
    I personally go along the same lines as your son, the traditional.
    Hope you manage to find the perfect decorations for your home!

    Abigail x

  9. I love your ideas id like to go for something a little different this year at the moment im just worried where the tree is going to actually go. I moved in with my partner in April & we are still re dcorating (ok sorry I am redecorating ha) we just got a new corner sofa but havnt had a chance to move the tv cables so the only spot for the tree is right in the way of the TV....what to do! we have to have a tree im thinking its going to end up in the dinning room

  10. Your decorations are looking beautiful, Claudia! xo