Monday, August 29, 2011

inspire me monday / dining table love

Found the above image on pinterest and instantly loved it, I think it's so much fun!
Talking about dining tables, ours is in need of attention (and this is what it looked like on the w/end)

we have had it for eight years now and it's served us well, we've had lots of dinner parties, family gatherings, children birthdays and shared lots of delicious food on it, we definitely do not want to get rid of it (it would be a shame I think, it's a great table and very sturdy) hubby has started taking the varnish off it, once the old varnish has gone it will be sanded back ready for the new varnish (Buster supervised the whole operation from the couch as you can see...such a spoilt dog!)

On Sunday morning I made pancakes for the children (both hubby and I were tummy sick and didn't feel like eating) but the cakes looked delicious
my youngest had hers with maple syrup, strawberries and icing sugar (below)

I, on the other end, had this for lunch (below)...(not very appetising I know but incredibly soothing for the stomach!)

Wish you all a great week

Take care,

Claudia xo


  1. Hello Claudia:
    We do hope that you are feeling better by now.

    Your dining table has that very solid, purposeful look to it which suggests that eating is taken seriously! We like that! And yes, the first picture is both jolly and fun. Wouldn't children love it?!

  2. Love that crazy light! It reminds me of a spider :) I hope you are feeling better today!

  3. Love the table & mix of chairs, the light fitting looks a bit like a spider (a very large one) dangling over the table.
    Those pancakes look scrumscious thats what Sundays are all about. sorry to hear you have been poorly hope you feel better soon. (Your kitchen is gorgeous by the way)

  4. that round one is awesome!! that's cool style there :)

  5. Hope you are feeling better {soup always makes me feel better :}. Oh, and those pancakes looks AMAZING!!

  6. We love reading your blog everyday and hope that sometimes you read ours.

    Just letting you know that we have changed our name from GTV Diaries to
    Please check us out. x

  7. Love the mix of chair colours in that pic. Hope you're feeling better now x

  8. That pancake looks AMAZING! Yum-O! Hope you're feeling better! :)