Friday, November 22, 2013

colour, design and architecture

My three favourite nouns,
(and most googled nouns on my laptop)
Bold and clever use of colour in architecture is always inspirational to me,
especially when it's intricate and beautifully detailed.
Below is a sample of what is on my inspiration board this week

Great use of coloured glass in this building via pinterest

Building in Tokyo, Japan via google

Barcelona flower market via google
Stunning, aren't they?

I'm also loving the interior colour scheme of this North Coogee home (below),
(and the oversized pendant lights on top of the dining table, aren't they cool?)
The outdoor area is perfect for gatherings with friends or for coffee and paper on Sunday morning.
The introduction of colour in the form of artwork, rugs and scattered cushions
is a clever way to inject personality to a space without overly committing to a specific colour
(cushions can change with the season and artwork can be on rotation).
Easy, isn't it?

What do you think? Could you live here?
I most definitely could.

See more of it here

Wish you all wonderful + colourful weekend

Catch up soon


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cool greens and blues + new artwork

I'm loving cool hues at the moment.
I find them soothing, peaceful and relaxing
Do you agree?
I like to use greens and blues in my work and at home
more than ever before
they remind me of all my favourite things...
the ocean, the sky and the trees
they are soothing and refreshing especially around Xmas time.

A very striking blue + white + green + pink/purple combo (above)
might be a bit bold for some (the deep blue wall) but the overall look is still tranquil, serene thanks to the clever use of white (with accessories) and neutrals (lounge)

A lovely green + mint + purple + blue combo used in a country kitchen setting (below)
is informal and relaxing

{I like to use green and blue together 
and I like them with purple, lilac and yellow 
I find it's a delightful + refreshing combo 
and was my inspiration for my new artwork below}


images 1, 2 pinterest, 3 my own

I hope you like.

Have a wonderful rest of the week :)

Catch up soon,


Monday, November 4, 2013

Inspired by / Alex MacArthur's Interiors

Alex Macarthur’s  home doubles as a private furniture showroom in which every item is for sale.

I love the idea. 

Beautiful inspiration via Sanctuary

Check out Alex MacArthur's Interiors here for more stunning + inspirational images.

Have a great week

Catch up soon