Friday, August 26, 2011

on a beautiful winter day

The sky is blue and the air is's a stunning day in Sydney.
Been to yoga, done my grocery shopping and dinner is almost done
yes...feeling very energetic today...

dinner is going to be chicken, leek and mushroom pie (slowly cooking at the moment in my
favourite pot)

On a different note I wanted to show you a gorgeous present my hubby and I received yesterday (from a lovely friend of ours) two lovely little vases from dinosaur designs - here they are in all their glory in our kitchen, on the counter near the window

they look incredible when touched by natural light :) 
And there's an amazing light today...
the kitchen enjoyed a bit of it 

and so did the middle of the house :)

(impromptu shots, no styling I'm afraid)

now for the best part of my post, here are the 15 blogs I'm passing the "one lovely blog award" on to:

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Congrats guys! Some old favourites and some new ones (all wonderful and inspirational)

Oh and stay tuned because my next post will contain the names of the 15 "sweetest blog" recipients.

Bye for now

take care and enjoy the week-end

Claudia xo


  1. Hello Claudia:
    Your supper looks to be delicious, as we are sure it was - we love these one pot dishes as they are always full of flavour.

    Your new vases are very pretty. A kind and thoughtful gift and, as you say, they will look most attractive when caught in the light.

    AS for your interior views, your house looks lovely and most obvioulsly arranged with great care and thought to the overall appearance and style. We should expect no less from you!!

    Have a good weekend too.

  2. Those vases are beautiful...

    And I love the porch/balcony in your house,
    it looks like a cozy place to hang out with friends and family ♥

  3. Lovely kitchen Claudia!And your porch is perfect for a a dinner with friends...
    I love the colours of the vases!

  4. Claudia - you are so sweet! Being this side of the world and reading "winter day" is such a seasonal disconnect... we're expecting a big storm so we hunkering down this weekend. Hope yours is lovely!

  5. Your dinner looks delicious! And I like your home especially the beautiful kitchen and the spacious balcony!

    Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your fabulous home with us! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, Claudia!


  6. Claudia,

    Dinner looks like it's going to be delicious. I love the vases and checked out the website. I never did see vases, but lots of other interesting items. Your home looks I knew it would.

    Have a lovely evening and thank you for including my blog. You are so sweet!

    xo annie

  7. That's me! What a great surprise. Thank you Claudia. And congratulations on your award too. Enjoy your weekend. gxo

  8. Isn't it funny how our weather is exactly opposite :) Soon I will be chilly while you are hot stuff! You being back into your yoga is such an inspiration, I need to follow suit!
    Have a great weekend,

  9. Thank you so much Claudia! What a lovely surprise!
    Congrats on your award and on your gorgeous dd vases, they are beautiful!

  10. Thank you SO much for thinking of me for the reward !! Love your big bright kitchen !


  11. Chicken, leek and mushroom pie? That sounds amazing! Do you have the recipe?

  12. @ Jess

    the recipe was made up by me but it tasted really good...

    500 gr. organic chicken fillets cut into small pieces
    1 leek
    1 punnet sliced mushrooms (just field)
    enough stock to just cover the content of your pot
    1 tbsp flour
    potatoes or other vegetable to add if u want (i added 6 small chat potatoes sliced in half)
    3/4 cup verjuice

    brown the chicken put aside, cook leek and mushrooms in some light olive oil for a few minutes, return chicken to pot, add flour, cook for a couple of minutes, add verjuice then stock, cover with lid and cook for 45 min on very low heat or in a slow oven. Add extra veggies the last 20 min.

  13. Wow Claudia thank you for this beautiful award!!
    I have been struggling with pneumonia the last 6 weeks, I have been really sick with it twice so it has made my day to see your message today!!!
    I love your blog & get inspired by the beautiful images you find.
    Have a wonderful day :)
    Amanda xxx

  14. Why thank you for the lovely blog award Claudia! Very chuffed!

    This one pot dish looks delish. Love a splash of verjuice - and mushrooms are an absolute favourite.

    Loving that huge rustic beam in your living room - gorgeous! And yes, that sneaky spring sunshine is bringing happiness with it, I reckon, wherever it falls.

  15. Thanks soo much for the lovely award Claudia - I am honored:) I love your place - looks so airy and stylish.
    And the chicken dish - yummy.

  16. thanks SO much for the blog award!! You are so sweet and you know the feeling is mutual....I ADORE your blog! And can't wait to see the new dining table. Ever thought of black?? I'm in Phuket at the moment...unfortunately its been pouring rain for the 3 days we've been here but keeping fingers crossed for some sunshine tomorrow!!! Lots of love xx

  17. Thank you so much Claudia love your kitchen (added that to my last post by mistake instead of this one). The vases are beautiful

  18. I'v just discovered your blog, thanks to Amanda from always dreaming blog. We have a blog and are from Newcastle so nice and close. Going to enjoy reading through your blog now.x

  19. Oh my - thank you so much for including me!! So fun :)

    I love seeing pictures of your home - it's gorgeous and those are just the prettiest vases! xoxo

  20. Congrats on the award and that SO much for the blog love! Just totally made my day!!! Definitely an honor! :)

  21. Thanks ever so much Claudia. You have a beautiful blog and I feel honoured. x