Monday, August 1, 2011

cinnamon and coffee

Mornings are not easy, right? (or is it just me?)
(If you ask me) Mondays can be pretty painful
but I've found a way (I think) to win my Monday morning battle...
it's a very easy formula:
morning walk & caffeine + sugar....
I know exactly what you are thinking...
well in my defence...I don't get to sit down until after the children have left
(I walk them to school and when I come back home I have my breakfast...)

It's a brilliant start...

this sugar and cinnamon pull-apart looks DIVINE, doesn't it?

joy the baker

joy the baker
 a coffee owl? LOVE!

Monday inspiration / boys club

anything masculine will do...(I'm in a bit of a masculine mood at the moment, perhaps it's the simplicity of the look or perhaps it's just the need to de-clutter...who knows...?)


quite continental 

boyfriend style / yes please!

Welcome to the month of August and to the Aug-Sept issue of ADORE (but be warned: gorgeousness ahead) 


Claudia xo


  1. You are making me hungry now Claudia! The cinnamon pull-apart looks SO good....and here I am contemplating what to cook for dinner...

    You're back with a vengeance in this super post! Lots of interesting things to look at.

    Virginia x

  2. i really really want that cinnamon & sugar pull apart O___O ohhhh my goodness. i want it so bad. haha

  3. Oh YUM! Did you see on Masterchef the other night how they were learning about how to style food in photographs? I never realised how much thought goes into trying to make food look delicious, but they succeeded here! xo

  4. OK. Must find out where I can get my hands on a sugar and cinnamon

  5. Mmmm I would love that cake in that bar:)

  6. The coffe owl is brilliant. i know what yu mean about mornings & mondays are the worst, but that just looks deliciously a great remedy to put a smile on my face.
    Like the images for the boys room they look fabulous

  7. Just back from a week at the beach and you have so much to read! Adore is patiently waiting in my in-box until I tackle the stuff that piled up... can't wait to spend some time with it tonight!

  8. Love the green bar and that gorgeous bedroom!

  9. The trouble as I see it, would be WHEN to stop pulling the bun apart and eating it?? Before you know it there could just simply be nothing but crumbs to lick off the plate!! Haha!!

  10. Oh my gosh! I am going to have to try that Pull Apart Bread recipe! YUM!

  11. I love all of this Claudia...where to start? Well I wish I knew that in the morning I could wake up to cinnamon pull apart bread, but aside from that..I love the coffee owl, all those masculine rooms and mens it!!

  12. What a great way to start the morning and thanks for reminding me about the new issue of adore, Claudia. xo

  13. How adorable is that coffee owl!
    Hope life is good my friend,

  14. I'm loving the boys club, some great spaces x