Thursday, August 25, 2011

a cowhide for me

Today I finally bought a cowhide rug (from I like birds in Paddington)
I've been wanting one for ages and it's sooo exciting to finally get one!!!

here it is.

isn't it gorgeous? the hair is slightly longer and the colours are lovely -
I think one of Louise's pouffes (love this one) would look delicious on it :)
I don't really have a spot for it yet but I will find one.

On a different note I'd like to thank Jerome from Maison de lin and Jess from Avant-garde living
for sending their love (in the shape of awards) this way. I'm so, so flattered! thank you guys!
Now I have to nominate 15 lovely blogs for Jerome and 15 for Jess (but I need a bit more time, there are so many lovely bloggers who deserve the award) the deal is that I also have to reveal some things about myself (I'll do that in my next post :)

Have a lovely afternoon everyone 

take care,

Claudia xo


  1. Your cowhide looks gorgeous,
    and it fits right in there perfectly.

    You deserve all the awards ♥

  2. Oh wow! Love the cowhide rug. We are going to get one for our living area. I used to find them kinda creepy, but for the last year or so I have coveted one. Looks great!

  3. Congrats on the blog awards and on the gorgeous rug purchase too!

  4. That is an absolutely beautiful cow hide rug! I have also wanted a cow hide rug for ages but it's just so expensive, I literally waited for years! I just bought one from Ikea a few months ago when they have a sale for just $200. Normally, the cheapest cost around $350 and above!

    Love your gorgeous cow hide. Looking forward to see where you will put it! :)


  5. Looks great !! Love it !


  6. Looks great with your floor colour.
    Congrats on the awards!

  7. Whoo Hoo! You got not one, but TWO awards! You rock!

  8. That rug is fantastic - how exciting that you finally found THE one!! Can't wait to see where it ends up :)

  9. Hello,
    It was a pleasure and you just deserved! I love that rug :-)


  10. Congratulations, Claudia and love the rug!