Saturday, August 20, 2011

Have a lovely week-end

wish you were here

A bit cold still here in Sydney but I'm happy it's Saturday (finally!)
Am a bit sore from yoga but feeling great. Went for a long walk this morning and felt energised afterwards...Bought some fresh flowers...I'm ready to tackle the w-end!

What are your plans? Anything exciting?

Hope you have a great one. Enjoy :)

Claudia xo


  1. Lovely image- tulips & lilies, what a great combination! I see you are definitely ready for Spring.

  2. All i can see is someone showing off they can afford bananas, or at least one banana!!
    Giggles, looks like my nice functional kitchen, i'm about to ruin my serene scene with a stir fry, love Posie

  3. Loving the little sneak peek of your kitchen, Claudia! Wish you can show us more! :) The flowers are beautiful, by the way.

    Happy weekend!


  4. Beautiful flowers! I have my 10 year high school reunion... should be good!

  5. Hello Claudia:
    Today is, in fact, a National Holiday with the result that everything, yes everything, is closed. Unlike Sydney, Budapest is extremely hot with the temperature likely to rise to just below 40C early next week. So, we shall do very little indeed.

    That said, we do wish you a really happy weekend and we love the picture of the tulips - such a wonderful colour.

  6. Its feeling cold here today again & its meant to be summer. Hope it warms up. We have family moving home from Austraila on wednesday hope they arent expecting to come back to sunshine they will be sorely disappointed.
    Beautiful flowers x

  7. Sounds like you have plans for a relaxing weekend! Maybe you could send some of that "breeze" my way and I'll send some of my 104 degrees Fahrenheit your way!!!

  8. oh Posie you made me laugh...! I finally bought some small bananas the other day (on sale $8!) my kids were so desperate, they hadn't had any for ages...I didn't get to have any of course (i only bought 4!) but it's ok these days we can at least indulge in strawberries (once or twice a week) which I much prefer - and at two punnets for $5 thought it was a bargain! xo

  9. Dear Jane and Lance, mm....40C sounds a bit too hot...even for me! I think I much prefer our 14-15C max Sydney temperature (can't believe I said that! well at least I have an excuse for a cup of tea and a biscuit!)
    Hope it doesn't get quite that hot for you. Keep cool xo

  10. Sarah, next week the weather in Sydney should be warm and sunny (20C-so they say!) so it should be lovely for your relatives (am not sure if they are coming to sydney though-going south could be a very different story!)

  11. Love the tulips! Love your French Vogue post too. Going to buy myself one today!
    Beth x

  12. Lovely tulips!! Looks like a peaceful space! :)