Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's a dream

via french by design

via sfgirlbybay

Hope you are all having a dreamy Saturday...

The lounge is the place where I've spent most of my time this afternoon - my back is still hurting - therefore the nature of my post is calm, cool and collected...hopefully tomorrow will be a more active kind of day.

Have a great night and if you are going out have fun and keep safe :))



  1. These are two of my favourite pics. Aren't they gorgeous!! Hope your back gets better soon. Leahxx

  2. hey sorry to hear that you are still out with your back I hope it gets better soon. Is there a nice hot sauna you could soak in they are so good for that sort of thing.
    I have to tell you that ochre coloured quilt on top of the white wardrobe in the bluey white room quickens my pulse!

  3. Oh noo, a bad back is no and stretch out :). I love all of your recent posts I have missed, and am enjoying all of your peaceful pales ~ I have been in a colourful burst lately. I would think you are getting ready for winter, and I am getting ready for spring!
    Take care of yourself,