Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A special thank you

All images via so-mee

Hello and thank you to all my readers for the great support you've given me over the last few months. It hasn't been long since I've discovered a whole new world in "Blog world" and already I've been overwhelmed by your kindness, your inspirational blogs and your blog friendship.
It's been a great four months and I have enjoyed every single day and every single post.
My "virtual lounge" is always filled with kind words and lots of smiles thanks to you all. It's great!
I hope it's going to be a very long relationship...:))

Today these lovely and inspirational images are via so-mee, another great blog I've only just discovered.
This home looks heavenly and the chair in the top pic...just divine...I just want to snuggle on it with a book...dream...!

Have a fantastic day...middle of the week, a lot of energy is required and often a lot of chocolate too!! And chocolate is allowed, especially dark...very good for you, lots of antioxidants!



  1. Dark chocolate and a glass of red..that's allowed too! Keep up the great work. You have a terrific blog :)

  2. Gorgeous images...adore the doors and windows in the second photo!!

  3. And thank-you for making my blog world experience a lovely one also. Leahxx

  4. Beautiful pictures what a lovely home Im loving that chair as well could snuggle in that & pick up a good book I totally agree with you there. Ive only been blogging a short time to but im utterly addicted its so wonderful talking & sharing with people who love the same things as me, I think I bore most of my friends to tears. As for dark chocolate good choice its my favourite yummy have a great day Claudia x

  5. :) Thank you for visit me and leave so sweet comments. Have a nice day!

  6. Thanks to you!!! I always look forward to seeing a sweet comment from you. You have such a kind soul!!!

  7. Claudia - thank-you for making the blog world more lovely and for granting permission for a wee bit of dark chocolate. Hope you have a luxurious day, in that home. I picture us chatting and having a nice beverage and some chocolate.

  8. Claudia,

    I attempted to leave a comment here this morning, but then my morning got crazy...had to laugh when i returned to your lovely blog and read your post today. My morning started by THINKING it was Friday and as I was driving my 11 year old to school I realized that it is in fact Thursday which means that he needs to be in uniform, not jeans and spirit wear t-shirt. Oops...perhaps I should read blogs after the kiddos go to school. Anyway, thank you!! Isn't this blogging community so positive and wonderful? have a great Friday!