Friday, March 11, 2011

Take me to Copenhagen

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Good morning to you all. This morning is a bit cooler and a bit more pleasant in Sydney...just a lovely temperature. I'm soaking up the peace that's infusing the house now that the kids have left for school...Breath it in and's a bit like a yoga class, total relaxation...I always crave it after they've gone, it's madness here in the morning...need to recharge my batteries and I'll be fine again, ready for more action when they come back.

I'm so inspired by this stunning place in Copenhagen today I had to I am revealing my true nature once again and my love for white walls and dots of colour... it's so therapeutic though I just can't help myself...!

Wish everyone a glorious Friday :))



  1. Hi Claudia
    I think my favourite style is just that.. white wall.. white [or dark] wood floors..and then colour introduced via artwork... It's so easy to change the mood via the artwork..

    So it just started raining.. If I had a view of the sea I'd be perfectly content.

    PS.. I didn't realise you were an artist.. just noticed your tabs at the top and went for a little look.. Fabulous!!! You are so talented..

    ciao ciao xxxx Julie

  2. Happy Friday to you too have a great weekend

  3. I have just discovered your blog and have really enjoyed scrolling down reading your posts.
    Happy to be following :o)

  4. Claudia you won the the "Simple Blogging" download, I will e-mail you with the code for you. congrats.

  5. I guess this is why the Danes are some of the happiest people in the world! Who wouldn't want to wake up in such loveliness? Happy weekend, Claudia.

  6. Good morning! I want to go to Copenhaguen too, last summer I was there and they have a really nice style, very natural...
    Have a nice weekend!