Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday favourites

wish your were here

wish you were here

via french by design

via convoy.tumblr

via convoy.tumblr

Couldn't resist doing one more post today...Have hurt my back and need to rest it so am blogging again!!

Hope you are all well. Keep smiling :))



  1. Hi Claudia
    Sorry to hear you hurt your back.. get some rest.. and arnica!!
    Love your little penguin books... I bought one of these recently on vacation... just the right size

    Have a lovely weekend. and thanks for your always kind comments my way... and thanks for the new saying.. 'YOU the best' hehe.. ciao xxx Julie

  2. Saw you over on Lona de Anna. She was right, gorgeous blog. Following. :)

  3. hope your back gets better even though I felt happy for your new blogging opportunity we are a sad bunch arent we? ;)