Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sitting comfortably / which chair are you?

I must confess I have a little thing for chairs...I thought it might be fun to play a little game today.
Here are five chairs, very different from each other...
Pick one - the one that most appeals to you;
Leave a comment underneath explaining why that is and where you'd like to place the chair...could be at home or anywhere else.
That's it!

Have fun :))


all images are via pinterest


  1. I am definitely the last chair!!! Give me a glass of red wine in front of a fire with a good book and my husband nearby and I would be one happy lady! Pity we don't need open fires in Hong Kong. Perhaps, I could have it in my dream home in Sydney?!

  2. I do love a tufted chair as in the second pic, but I love the shutter behind it more. So I'll go for the last one, it looks comfy and inviting and the same as above, I would have a glass of wine by the fire and totally relax. Leahxx

  3. The first one the egg chair. With all the colours of the rainbow I'd hang it outside above my imaginary deck (I'll have one, one day!)

  4. What a great idea for a post. I want to be the last chair too!! It looks so comfy. Maybe I'm thinking about which chair I'd like to *sit* in, rather than which represents me. Are they the same thing? Let me have another quick look...
    Yes, I've changed my mind. I think I'm more like the first one. Today, at least, I feel bright and cheery!!


  5. I'd go for the top chair and have it swinging on a porch overlooking crystal blue seas... Something about that chair reminds me of being a kid and summertime!

  6. This is a hard one..... I love them all except the third one, but for all different reasons. For comfort - I love the last one, for fun - I love the funky colorful first one, for the traditional serious me - the forth one, but ultimately its my first instinct the second chair. Traditional, yet fun, slightly funky and could fit in anywhere, and comforting too.
    Rebecca x

  7. the first one for summer at the beach and the other - the 3rd for my art studio and the last for my country home. well, i'd be happy to sit in any home with those beautiful chairs.

  8. I am the red velvet chair! Lovley.
    Hugs Jessika

  9. I like the last one! so cozy... maybe in the library:)

  10. I like the last one, but love the look of all of them.

    Lisa x

  11. We certainly have a love for chairs in common, Claudia! I like the 2nd one best. Thanks for your great comments - that is so cool about you being born in Rome! xo

  12. definitely the first one! :)

  13. BTW I have a little thing for chairs as well. I strongly advise you to visit Traphold Museum of Design one day... I could spend my life there ;) Have a bright sunny weekend!