Monday, March 14, 2011

Inspire me Monday / Books and Union Jack
via 27.tumblr
trendey via designlovefest 

Happy Monday everyone!
I have decided to dedicate my "Inspire me Monday" post today to two of my favourite things:
"books and the Union Jack".
Books have always appealed to me and I've always wanted a room with floor to ceiling bookshelves just like a library...a bit like the ones in the images above...dream!
And although I'm not british the Union Jack has inspired a bit of my work here it Inspire me Monday...I hope you all get inspired too.

What's been inspiring you lately?

Have a great, colourful and creative day :))



  1. I love floor to ceiling bookshelves. As someone with a massive book horde I like seeing these storage ideas.
    I'd love to have a Union Jack shirt. I once saw one in an episode of Dr Who, worn by Billie Piper, and have since been hooked.

  2. I've been a bit book crazy lately too, scouting out cookbooks at the op shop to home design books at djs. Makes me wonder how I managed to live without a bookcase for so long!
    Happy Monday to you

  3. I LOVE Union Jacks! Really love 'em. Partly because I'm British (oaky, I'm totally biased!) but partly because I think it's such an awesome design.

    I really enjoyed looking through your images.


  4. The warmer weather and the growing daffodils have me inspired for spring! Love those bookcases and they would help me get my books off the floor...

  5. What dream bookshelves. I am a big reader and will always surround myself with tons of books...have a great day!

  6. love those book shelves and of course the union jack is so chic too!
    i am inspired so much by the zero waste home...can you tell I am in spring cleaning and de-cluttering mode? Well, I am!

  7. lovely images! the best decoration in the world is a roomful of books..." Billy Baldwin