Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a view to a kitchen

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via lonny

It's my favourite room in the house, I cannot keep away from it...It's where I feel more comfortable and happy - it might have something to do with my love for baking and eating...?!...
I do enjoy sharing food with my friends and family and cooking for them is definitely one of my favourite things in the world...At home I need a clean and practical kitchen with plenty of storage and bench space and lighting is important too
Love the images above. Which one is your favourite?
I'd probably think that I've died and gone to heaven if I woke up and walked into kitchen number's perfect...

wish you all a relaxing evening :))

Claudia xo


  1. Hello Claudia:
    We regret to say that if we went to sleep and woke up in a kitchen [even as lovely as the ones you show here], then we would most certainly think that we had died and gone in the opposite direction to heaven.

    As we are domestic incompetents and are totally useless cooks [although we do love eating], the kitchen represents a chamber of horrors for us and best left in the totally capable hands of our housekeeper.

  2. HI Claudia
    I think I'd like some sort of combo of #1, #2 and #3.. but definitely the tolix!!! chairs or stools.. Thinking about getting some soon and had always wanted the silver.. now leaning toward white.. I can see what you love about #2.. have you ever been to the Jurlique store in the city.. all warm timber and silver tolix!! yummo!!

    Have a great week.. hope you feel better.. they say the weather should clear a bit.. here's hoping!! ciao xxx Julie

  3. Oh Claudia - I would LOVE to have a kitchen like the first picture - that would give me the motivation I am needing to get domisticated!! I am a terrible cook and hate spending time in my dinky little kitchen, actually I only spend time in it if I absolutely have to!!

  4. funny - my eye lingered over and back to # 2 also. love the concrete and the wood.
    would love a new kitchen - but alas mine is liveable and my lovely dutch mr w. would laugh at the meer suggestion!!

  5. Oh my, subway tiles and open shelving! White and stainless? Has someone been peeking in my sketchbook? :p

  6. Gotta say I'm with you on 2...I love how they all blend modern elements with rustic charm. And there is so much natural light. Lovely, lovely.. don't even want to mention our kitchen - dear Jane and Lance, is there a spare housekeeper you can send my way?

  7. All of these are lovely, however the last one would be my top pick - it looks very homey and comfortable. In my dream kitchen there would be a big island like this one xo

  8. Oh there are elements in all of these I'd like to combine into one.


  9. Hello Claudia,

    I love all of these beautiful kitchens. What I love about them is that none of them have upper cabinets. I love open shelving. I am not sure if I could make do with no upper cabinets or open shelving like in some of these images. I find that I use bowls and things from my open cabinets out of convenience rather than open a lower cabinet to retrieve a small mixing bowl or something. I'm wondering where they store everything in some of these kitchens shown...maybe a large pantry?

    I do love reading Jane and Lance Hatatt's comments...wouldn't you just love to have lunch with them?!

    xo annie

  10. We are so aligned! I too love #2!
    Happy wednesday,

  11. My favourite is No.2 as well. Love concrete and timber. Benchspace and storage are all so important in making a kitchen function properly. Leahx

  12. All are gorgeous, but LOVE the effect of number 3, although not so easy to clean surfaces....I want this for my dream rustic holiday hut, though (down at the waterfall?). Someone else can do the cooking/cleaning/dishes while I am off lounging around!Haha. xo

  13. I've been in love with the top image for ages. I have the same stools but that's about it.
    Beth x

  14. Ah - concrete benches and shelves in #2 and #3? Well that is just too gorgeous for words. That is my favourite in this rather nice collection!

    oh and that lovely Smeg fridge? Also want that one too....

  15. I wish one of these could be my home...lovely!