Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sweet 16

My eldest daughter Isabella turns 16 today - I cannot believe I am the mother of a 16 yo!
It's pretty scary let me tell you...he he!...
It is a special day and we are going to celebrate with a lovely
family get together....can't wait!  :))

What a wonderful and magical age 16 is...

all images via pinterest

Wish you all a happy day :))



  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter Claudia, you seem much to young to have a 16 year old. Have a great night together! Leahxx

  2. Ooh I would love to have a little party beneath the trees like the one in the top picture.

    Just discovered your blog. It would be lovely if you stopped by mine sometime :)

    Andrea x

  3. Hello,

    Congratulations to your daughter's birthday, make it a nice day!

    Greetings and thanks for the lovely pics

  4. Hello Claudia:
    Many Happy Returns to your daugher! And what magical images you have chosen to illustrate this post.

    We are sure that you will make the celebration memorable, and what can be better than to have family and friends gathered for such a happy occasion.

  5. Make sure there are balloons! Everyone loves balloons :)

  6. Beautiful, happy birthday in your household, love Posie

  7. I love those candles hanging from the tree branches.
    Birthday wishes to your daughter. Birthdays are a wonderful way to celebrate life.

  8. How amazing Claudia! Congratulations with a sweet sixteen in the house!

  9. Aww...happy sweet 16 to your "little" girl!

    xx Cat brideblu

  10. Hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday! I love that birthday print, it's so festive!

  11. Claudia - I've tried to email you several times and it pops back to me - do you have a different address from the one that you make comments on your blog with?

    Thank you so very much for the lovely pearl necklace. I adore it and smile every time I look at it. It was such a treat to open my mailbox and find a small pouch with my name on it! I find inspiration from your blog everyday! Thanks for the amazing posts you always create. Best, Julie

  12. We just celebrated my youngest's 11 birthday and I can't believe he's starting middle school in the fall... the years go by quickly, dont't they? A big Happy Birthday to Isabella from the US!

  13. ah 16 is such a fantastic age~ happy birthday to your daughter!

  14. Claudia,

    Happy Birthday to your daughter! My daughter is 16 too! These are all wonderful images celebrating such a big birthday! Enjoy every minute...

    xo annie

  15. Happy sweet 16.
    Time flies.

    Viera .
    VT Interiors

    Sorry I cannot comment directly on your blog. Looks like my Google account cannot be reinstalled.

  16. Congratulations Claudia!!! How exciting and scary at the same time...have a wonderful celebration! I have not been able to leave comments for you for over a week...I hope it works this time! Also I want to "follow" you on pinterest, but couldn't find you ~ will you follow me on the pinterest link on my blog (on right) so I can find you!

    ok didn't work again I will try "anonymous!"

  17. Aww happy sweet 16! Such a fun age full of new found independence...lots to look forward to!

  18. Ohhh happy birthday for your daughter! I remember 16 very well, it was a very happy year!!
    I wish you have had a gorgeous celebration!