Friday, June 10, 2011

winter blues

Embrace them
how can you not when they look this good?...

gorgeous blues via

Beat them
This is what I'm having for dinner...

hot cannelloni..yum!

on the bed...
quilts, quilts and more quilts...
got to keep warm...!

warm blankets via

The dream
Beautiful winter houses...

 via pinterest

scandinavian cozy winter home via

Have a great Friday :))

Claudia xo


  1. Now I know you are on the other side of the earth:) It is in the 90's here. Beautiful blues. Love the photo with the stacked wood, so cool

  2. I love that blue room too, it is in my files. The blue walls are so bold and dramatic but it works! Love anyone who take design risks and yield beautiful results!


  3. Hello Claudia:
    Well, although it is only breakfast time here, your cannelloni looks positively delicious. And who said that blue was a cold colour? Not if your first image is anything to go by!

    But, at the start of our summer, the snow scenes are something of a chilly reminder of what lies ahead!

  4. The blue room is very gorgeous !! It is definitely not winter here in Los Angeles CA ! But love all these pretty pictures !!


  5. Love these cozy rooms Claudia, especially the one with the logs piled up and that cannelloni doesn't look bad either. I could definitely do with some of that. Mind if I join you? Have a great weekend. Leahxx

  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love a good blue!

  7. hi there.

    oh that comfort food dinner! yum

    and loving that kitchen in the last home.

  8. Perfect post for this chilly weather. I adore the first blue room, those velvet couches look fantastic set against the wall colour! The cannelloni looks delish too! Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  9. The blue velvet corner sofa is like my dreeeeam sofa, it's amazing, and that whole room is gorgeous!

  10. this makes me want some winter in my neck of the woods! i loved winter this year, maybe the first time in a long time :)

  11. If I had those,
    I know I wouldn't mind the cold too much ♥

    Have a nice weekend ♥

  12. So lovely, my favorite are the last four. Hope you're keeping warm.