Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beautiful homes - Jamie Theakston's London home

~ quirky and beautiful ~


Unconventional living at its best 

Love :)

Claudia xo


  1. Oh my goodness! That chandy in the staircase is magnificent!

  2. What a fabulous home Claudia! It looks so warm and inviting, and stimulating at the same time...the woodwork is fabulous too.
    Thanks for sharing, I wish you a fantastic week!
    xo Nathalie

  3. HI Claudia

    VERY cool house! Looks lived in and not too flash to put your feet up on the coffee table!! I love the screen in the office, made up with scale models, boxes etc. Clever and stylish.

  4. Unconventional, yes. Fabulous? Oh yes! Funny, I am on the hunt for quirky plates to put on my kitchen wall - just pretty much like that first image.

    This house looks SO lived in, and as if it is prone to change at any delicious minute - just how I like homes to be.

    And Claudia thank you for your amazing words this morning. I positively sailed off in a cloud of happiness for the rest of the day after reading that!

    Virginia x

  5. What a lovely home Claudia & really not how I expected his style very quirky

  6. Gorgeous! I've also got some great ideas for my son's room. Love the ram head! He has one that he'd love to display. Love the idea of putting it in a boxy frame like that. Love that quirky wall/screen too. What an interesting and inspiring home:)

  7. great inspirations

  8. Hello Claudia:
    Yes, this is a wonderful mix of the old, the new and the lived with which all makes for a marvellously individual and interesting home. There are so many intriguing 'instalations' to catch the eye and create excitement; the collection of plates, the boxes of taxidermy etc. and the 'tablescapes' on every surface. Clearly the product of people with engaging and creative minds and lives.

  9. This is the kind of home I would love to visit! Quirky, interesting and unconventional, these rooms provides so many visual stimulation. Very inspirational home for sure!


  10. LOVE how fresh and fun this home is! The chandelier in the last image is to die for... Have a great week, Claudia!

  11. I love the wood drawers in the kitchen teamed with grey. One of my current favourites.


  12. Oh this is beautiful - I love a lot of the elements (both old and new) and really love the rocking chair :)