Wednesday, June 29, 2011

rules of inspiration

The beauty about "inspiration" is that
it comes with no strings attached
And rules? None



I often get inspired by the simplicity
of everyday objects
nature, pretty colours, kind words.
How about you?
What do you find inspirational in your world?

Here's what's caught my eye this week so far:

~ owls ~
design sponge

~ unusual colour combos ~
there's nothing more personal than your very own colour scheme
dare to be different...
design traveller

~ handwriting ~
beautiful, irregular, big or it all

~ the colour purple ~
used in unexpected places

~ modern wisdom ~
wise words by everyday heroes and legends of the world
table tonic

Simply beautiful :)

Have a fantastic + inspirational day

Claudia xo


  1. I am finding the quotes by Ghandi particularly inspiring! Love it.


  2. Love every single image...especially that sweet chandelier! xo

  3. I love Gandhi's take on human virtues,
    sadly... that's what prevalent in our society right now.

    Me too loves unusual color combos and looking at lovely handwriting.

  4. Hello Claudia:
    You are so right when you say that 'inspiration' comes with no strings attached and without rules. This is something which we all, surely, need to bear in mind when breaking new ground, and particularly where interior design is concerned. Doubtless you are always trying to persuade your clients of just this!

    Now, the purple cups and saucers - 'fab' as our friend David would say.

  5. Unexpected places are the BEST places to find inspiration! But then I have t write stuff down, before I forget. So I guess one of my best places to fins inspiration is in my notebook where I write down all the things I come across that inspire me... ;p

  6. Claudia,
    Right you are, inspiration is such a gift of interpretation. In the first picture, I adore those polar bears....did you see them in the painting?
    That Ghandi list is also wonderful. I am making books for my boys to keep at college. Little books of inspiration to keep them motivated, inspired and know they are loved.

  7. Gorgeous inspirational sources. I got teary eyed by the "I love you so much" Wallpaper! How sweet is that?

  8. I always think the best inspiration appears when one isn't actually looking for it, bit like falling in love! It has to be something that catches you unawares, when you least expect it, so it can change your point of view.

    A very thoughtful post - fab stuff!

  9. I love each of your inspirations here Claudia!!!

  10. Seeing other people's creativity truly inspires me.

  11. I agree with you on simple beauty. They evoke so much, no? I share your love with handwriting. xx

  12. Love this post, really got me thinking!
    An it's an oldie but true but it always is the small things.

    Abigail x