Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday obsession

Hi everyone! Thanks for all your comments over the past few days, I feel much better today :))

I'm reading this month's issue of Inside out magazine, it's packed
with gorgeousness as usual...So I'm in a bit of a dream mode at he moment and would like to share 
some of my favourites...

~ The aussie beauty ~

Chelsea De Luca is a fine jewellery designer, I love her style...and her home is gorgeous!

~ A natural vision ~

If you are like me and you love organic materials and soft palettes you will love
 this Melbourne terrace, it's packed with beautiful features...

~ The overseas dream ~

This former mechanic's garage in Milano was transformed by brazilian born architect 
Ricardo Bella Dias...
it's now a stunning home...sigh!

all images july-august inside out magazine

Check out the inside out blog here

Don't forget to take extra care of yourselves, it's winter time down-under and our bodies need
~ Healthy stuff ~
than usual!

So let's start squeezing those oranges, lemons and grapefruits and
create yummy fruity drinks packed full of vitamins  
- we are going to need them to get through the next six weeks or so -
(if time is not on your side)
just grab a boost...yum!

Wish you all a happy + healthy week :))

Claudia xo


  1. So glad you're feeling better. Inside Out is such a great magazine. Love the picture's and places you featured.


  2. That looks like a really good issue of IO - I may just go and grab a copy. Lots of lovely warm textures - yes please!

    And yes, this winter seems to be more bitterly cold than usual - with more people falling victim to illness - so good reminder about the citrus.

  3. Hello and thank you for your comment just now.
    Yes you are so right - we must look after ourselves and nurture those Winter blues away.
    Boost is great - I particularly love their berry frappe. Yum yum!

    Not sure if your comment was meant as an entry for the give away? Are you a follower? If so please leave another comment to confirm this.

    Have a good night and stay warm in all this dreadful wind!

    x Charlotta

  4. Nice to know you're feeling well now.

    Your fave things are cool.

    Love your reads...and wish I could drink as much healthy juices as you do ♥

  5. Hi dear Claudia
    Sorry to hear you've been under the weather.. I'm still crawling my way out.. this flu just keeps on keeping on......

    Love the floorboards in that last home.. fabulous!!.. You know I must pick your brain one day re an article I saw in an old inside out edition... Been wanting to find it again and can't..

    Ok.. take care. ciao xxx Julie

  6. Hello Claudia, so nice to 'meet' you, I've been having a lovely little visit around your blog! I liked your recent post on what inspires you, for my fave thing to do is look at other people's blogs too! And, every so often I feel compelled to leave a comment and say Hi! Enjoy the rest of your week, 'chat' soon, Jane:)

  7. Glad you are feeling better lovely. Looks like a great issue of Inside Out, I will have to pick up a copy! Thank you for the sneak peek xo

  8. Inside Out looks like a great magazine, the grey bed looks amazing against the grey stone wall.

  9. Lovely post! How I adore the texted wall!! Fabulous!

  10. hope you're feeling better! i just bought oranges today to squeeze. :)

  11. Glad your feeling better!
    Love the bookshelf.

    Abigail x

  12. I've always loved Inside Out mag, such inspiration. You're right about taking care of ourselves now it's winter... you take it easy too! gxo