Friday, July 1, 2011

Perfect bedtime stories

~ the bedroom ~


even more so
it's wet and cold outside


Where do you hide when it's wet and cold outside?

a cup of jo




I wrote this post last night but blogger was being temperamental (yet again!) 
I wasn't able to share it.

(It might not make as much sense this morning as
the sun is shining and the
sky is blue but nevertheless...
the spaces above still look
dreamy and
inviting to me)

Enjoy your Friday :)

Claudia xo


  1. Beautiful pictures Claudia. Very warm and cozy and today is dreary here, so very appropriate. I have had trouble with blogger also. SO Frustrating!! Have a lovely weekend. Leahxx

  2. They still look dreamy and inviting to me... There is NOTHING more divine and indulgent than staying snuggled up in a warm bed. Once you are up, then there is no refuge again until night time!! Have a great weekend. Rachel

  3. Makes sense to me.. hehe.. and wasn't blogger a pain!!! I was already to get back into the blogging world and blogger wasn't having a bar of it..

    So I love a good escape from the world.. a nice sun room with a cozy bed sounds wonderful.. can you throw in a view too..

    Have a great weekend.. hoping for some sunshine.. ciao xxx Julie

  4. The bedroom with the insanely angled walls and slanted window is brilliant architecture - love that one.

    It's such a heavenly sunny day that it is SO hard to focus on work - I am looking for any excuse to do site visits today!

    What I love most in winter is being snuggled up in bed when it is raining outside, and you can hear the crashing pitter-patter on the tin roof above, being all cosily tucked up in soft layers of warmth. Bliss!

    Oh, and lying by a good log fire, glass of deep ruby-red shiraz in hand...that aint half bad either.

  5. Really like the second bedroom- those colors and styling are perfect. Cold and wet? You can find me under fleece with some Mexican hot chocolate!

  6. Hello Claudia:
    We do so agree that the bedroom can become a place of comfort and solace when the world, as it does on occasion, appears as too much. And these are lovely although, on balance, for ourselves we are always more drawn to white linen and bedding.

    Do not mention the problems of Blogger!!

    Have a very happy weekend.

  7. Oh, Claudia. I am so drawn to the second bedroom. It looks so warm and cozy (as if it's a room in a basement), a perfect space for snuggling under layers of blankets.

    Have a fabulous weekend!