Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Living with colour

nuevo estilo

Hello everyone, hope you are all having a fantastic day.
I'm back from my landscape shoot. Phew! We went to Bobbin Head national park and it was the most beautiful and peaceful setting. Hopefully I have taken some great shots! 

Some lovely splashes of colour in the above images...I find colour energising and uplifting but it depends on the day really so I much prefer to play with flowers, throws, cushion covers, vases and art rather than big pieces of furniture and stick to my "portable colour" theory which is very easy to follow, does not require any particular physical strength and it is extremely gratifying :))


credits: images 1,2,3 by photographer Patric Johansson



  1. Love these pics. We definitely need colour in our lives — the soul thrives on it.

  2. Why is it that when other people pile bags together it looks so creative and "on purpose", whereas mine just looks like a heaped mess? Help!

  3. I love that green light in the kitchen one what I find interesting is that I have a stained green wood salt dish the exact shape and colour.

  4. Love these photos - awesome! :-)

  5. These images are just lovely !

  6. Adding color through flowers and pillows is one of my favorite ways to bring the seasons indoors - yellow and pink in the spring, blue and green in the summer... love your pictures and inspiration!

  7. what artsy interior decor! i love the colors splashed throughout the house. just lovely :)
    you have a fantastic blog! i'm glad you found me :)
    i'm now following you as well