Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Spanish interiors / a touch of pink

mi casa revista

nuevo estilo via delight by design 

Back to Spain today - well at least in pictures! Fell in love with the top interior as soon as I saw it, it was one of those love at first sight thing - it does happen to me occasionally with art and interiors!!! Love the ceiling, beams, chandelier, the hot pink and the modern furniture...dream!
I also like how - bottom pic - the flower pattern on the quilt and the pink throw soften the bedroom and it looks so comfortable...

Today I've started a beginners photography course, really enjoyed the first session, and liked our tutor - a big, black english man, apparently a really good photographer - will go and check out his website asap and hopefully post some of his work here. First task is product photography,  jewellery to be exact, it will happen next Tuesday at session 2, wish me luck!

Hope you're all having a creative and exciting day :))


  1. I love how the color pink seems to pop up in all kinds of places lately - so refreshing!

  2. Hi Claudia
    I love that first room also.. and wish I too had started a photography class.. darn.. I may have left it a bit late for this semester...

    Sorry for my absence.. flat out with stupid stuff... been off the blog for a few weeks... How did you cope with Saturday's heat? it was 'fun' wasn't it? haha.. Have a great week..ciao xxx Julie

  3. Those timber beams and floaty curtains in the first pic - DIVINE! Can't wait to hear more about your photography class, it's something I'd like to do also.

  4. Lovely pictures!I love also the chandeliers and this touch of fuchsia. Ceilings are beautiful and these kind of curtains!
    Have a good day!

  5. Pops of pink are quite popular this year; that room looks beautiful.

    Enjoy your photography class. There's alot to learn, but it will be fun!

  6. I could move in there in a heartbeat!!! That top room is to die for ~ I might have a bit of a battle with my sons who abhor pink...For my little escape room!
    Thank you thank you again for taking the time to reach out with that info,SO appreciated!

  7. Oh, Golly! That first image is a bit to die for!!

  8. How Gorgeous!! Can't wait for my things to arrive from New York so my place can become a "Home". Loving the pink sofa, daring.
    Hope you are doing great. Feels good to be back in the blog world

  9. lovely touch of pink. pretty.