Friday, February 25, 2011

Serene mood

decor 8

house of bliss

I'm dreaming of a peaceful w/end and hopefully it will be just that...with kids though you never could very well be the opposite...! It's all good though, I'll be ready for whatever it is going to be thrown at me...!!!

Wish everyone a relaxed and fun time :))



  1. I love white walls, don't know why but I just do. Thanks for the advice, I did just that tonight, went out and had some fun with the girls and ended up discussing my love of white wall on the corner for about 30 minutes. too fun!

  2. Love those peaceful interiors and all the white-on-white. Have a fabulous weekend - relaxing or not! Naomi x

  3. These rooms are beautiful. Perfect white.

    Lisa x

  4. I love the distressed drawer cabinet & the large mirror in the first picture

  5. Claudia, aren't these pictures beautiful. I have the first one in my files too, I love the look of it, and the last one is my favourite, what a room!!! So inviting!! Have a wonderful weekend!xx

  6. Just back from a week off skiing so the weekend may be a little more hectic than I had hoped for - but these images certainly put me in a more serene mood!