Friday, February 4, 2011

Home sweet home

 Today I've decided to share a corner of my house, our reading nook/kids chill out zone - there's my favourite cabinet nearby which contains a TV where our kids play xbox with their friends. Opposite the lounge there are shelves with books, magazines, CDs, computer. Displays and furniture move around a lot but this is what that corner looks like at the moment. On top of my favourite cabinet - which is not shown - there's my collection of vases and my precious antler - bottom pic - at the back of it an aboriginal painting, unfinished, sits proud. 

Am off to the trade fair today. Hope to come back with lots of inspiration!! Will show my finds, I promise.

Wish everyone a great w/end :))



  1. Very cosy indeed! Have fun at the trade fair and I look forward to meeting at you at Life Instyle. x

  2. Have fun! Your home looks very warm and inviting. My Mum has an aboriginal painting very similar to yours. Leahxx

  3. it looks delightful! All of your great posts are starting to get me thinking about a large abstract piece somewhere in my house! I actually still have some aboriginal art from my trip to Australia... may have to dig it out again.

  4. I love your collection of vases and colorful art. You have a relaxing spot.
    Mary Ann

  5. I love that painting, and am happy to hear that I am not alone in putting up with the "x-box" boys just got the Kinect, it is wild.
    Enjoy your show and have a great weekend!

  6. What a warm and beauitful space, Claudia. Thanks for sharing a little "peek" into your world. xx