Sunday, February 6, 2011

Yellow + Gold inspiration


yellow room, Venice - photography by Michael Eastman

dustjacketattic.blogspot - photo by K. Lagerfeld

desire to inspire

I love the colour yellow as an accent and even if it's hardly used in my own life (!!!) I think it can add a lot of fun and freshness to a home, a room or an outfit. 
Here is a tiny collection of beautiful images that contain either yellow or gold. Each one of them is inspirational to me in its own different way and together they really get my creative fluids up and going on this hot sunday morning...Gotta love some bright inspiration!!!

Trust you are all having a fantastic time :))


  1. Gorgeous...especially the first image.
    I'm lovin' those yellows and golds:)

  2. I love these images! And the yellow shelves? Genius! i thought of you as I was watching Oprah's segments from Sydney. Best, Kate

  3. These images are all fantastic...yellow is so powerful. The room with the yellow shelves would be so ordinary if the shelves were white, but the yellow makes it extraordinary!

  4. I am not a big yellow fan for myself but can admire it on others...and your picks here are divine! Especially the yellow room in Venezia ~
    Thanks for the pop of brightness,

  5. I love yellow, too! Thanks for posting this bit of cheer, Claudia! xx