Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dining room dream

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Happy Sunday to you all!
This morning I'm planning our new dining room...We don't have a dining room at the moment, we eat around the island bench in the kitchen which is not really comfortable because there's no room for legs...or the coffee table which is great for the kids especially if the TV is on! It won't be forever (I hope!), only until our extension is completed.
I was going through my dining room file last night and found this image...isn't it lovely? I really love the table and everything else is nice too, I like its soft and tranquil mood. I can predict that mine will not be as soft and feminine though - my dear hubby couldn't live with it - but will have some elements of softness and some beautiful details. To me the lighting is extremely important to establish the right mood in a dining room and I will definitely work my best to try and achieve the result we want, re: lighting and everything else too. It will be a simple and comfortable DR, it cannot be fussy, with three children we definitely cannot afford to be overparticular! It will be a little while anyway so I have plenty of time to dream...and change my mind!!!...As I do! :))


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  1. Hi Claudia, that dining room is lovely. We're working on our dining room too. Love that table.
    I look forward to seeing how yours turns out.

    Lisa x