Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First "wish you were here" giveaway /It's all about having fun

giveaway : grey fresh water pearl necklace

Hello my beautiful blog friends, today is a very special day for my blog as I'm doing my first giveaway!! It is very exciting for me... plus "the giveaway" is a stunning fresh water pearl necklace that would look great with both casual and formal attire.

How to enter the draw. Follow these simple rules...

1- you have to be a follower of "wish you were here"
2- leave a comment below and say why you'd like to win the necklace and where you would wear it.

You have time till Monday night. Winner will be chosen randomly.
I will publish the winner's name next Tuesday.
So tell your friends, tell everyone, leave a comment and...

Good Luck! :))


  1. gorgeous Claudia! Imagine how divine it would look bundled with earthy beaded and shelled necklaces of varying lengths,... add a couple of feathers on leather straps,..... a gorgeous bohemian bikini,...tanned skin,...and a loooong gin&tonic with a wedge of cucumber. I would wear it on the beach in byron bay :)

  2. Hi Dear Claudia
    What a great giveaway... I can imagine they would look fab with a simple black outfit... but I think.. If I won.. I'd send them to a friend of mine overseas.. show her what fabulous things we have here.... I know they'd look great on her..

    Have a lovely day.. and thanks for giving us all a chance in your giveaway.. ciao xxx Julie

  3. What a kind and generous gift you are offering! I would have to say I would probably give them to my mother because she LOVES pearls and it would make her happy.

    I hope your week is going well and I LOVE your blog - its a daily read for me and such fun to exchange ideas. Have a wonderful rest of the week Claudia!

  4. Oh my! Tough comments to surpass! I think that it would look great with a pale pink chiffon flirty dress, silver strappy pumps, black pearl earrings, matte silver clutch on a girl's night out at the new Cosmoplolitan here in Las Vegas that I recently showed pictures of, and am dying to go back ~
    Wonderful giveaway Claudia!


  5. LOVE that necklace... hmmm what to wear it with, white silk blouse, camel pencil skirt and leopard print heels:) Don't worry you can leave me out of the giveaway since, I'm pretty sure shipping to the US would be out of control:(

  6. Hi Claudia, thanks for getting in on my giveaway too! The necklace is beautiful I would wear it with a simple crisp white shirt, slim fit jeans and silver ballet flats or cream twin set, black taffeta balloon skirt and patent dark heels! Letitia x

  7. How pretty! I would wear that necklace with my favorite LBD or with a great pair of jeans - so versatile and fun. Thanks for stopping by The Buzz and adding me to your blog roll... I'm now following and will add you to mine.

  8. What a fun giveaway! I'd love to wear this anywhere. I have two little one's at home, so any excuse to dress up look cute is welcomed.

    P.S. Thanks for entering my giveaway. I hope you win:)

    The Cheeky Cafe

  9. Thanks so much! I am actually on vacation and was without internet for awhile, AH! I will send a little FB and twitter out about your giveaway today. Talk to you soon, I am off to get a pedicure:)

  10. I'm a new follower :)
    My husband and I will be separated for several months due to his job but I would wear this necklace when I see him again for the first time! I think it would look fabulous with a pastel pink tank top and a pair of jeans!

  11. Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog. I hope I continue to make it an interesting place for you to visit.
    I just swung by your blog — I enjoyed seeing the things that you found inspirational. So I too have become a follower.
    As for the necklace — isn't that simply elegant! I'd wear when going out to dinner. But sometimes waiting for a special occasion to get all pretty means a long wait. So I think even wearing a pair of dark blue denim jeans and a pretty blouse (jacket optional) with these pearls would be just as perfect.