Wednesday, July 6, 2011

pink crush

the infatuation continues...

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Is pink a bit much for you?
I've never considered myself to be a "pink" or girly girl,
I don't wear pink,
I am not a fan of dresses and heels either...
(unless I'm going to a formal)
But I love the way pink can look
and the subtle elegance with a touch of fizz
that it can bring to an interior space
I also admire
the sparkle girls in pink seem to be blessed with...

In my defence...
I love red at home and I adore pink roses 
How does that sound? 
(Hope not too bad!)
he he!

Have a fantastic Wednesday :)

Claudia xo

PS just experimenting with some new colours and backgrounds for this blog!


  1. I love dressing up but I've never been much of a pink girl either. However, I do love the subtle hints of romanticism in it. LOVE the chalkboard wall in the 1st photo and the pastel pink sofa in the other photo. :)

  2. I love all those images Claudia!
    And what a cool way to put those white 'lace' plates on the wall - I want to copy that!

  3. Michael is letting me indulge my pink obsession just a little bit with our downstairs WC. It is such an uplifting colour, an the great thing is that it can be calming at the same time! What's not to love?

  4. Could you imagine strutting through a sea of black suits in that hot pink suit. I want it!

  5. I love all the pops of pink! I wish I could convince my husband to add some more pink to our house :)

  6. Wow, love every single pink picture here...such fun inspiration! :)

  7. I am SO into the pink right now as well ! Love the shades in the first two rooms and the pink outfit :)


  8. Hello Claudia:
    Like you, we are not really 'pink' people and although it is a colour we seldom surround ourselves with, we do rather like it when used imaginatively and with care as shown in the interiors here.

    During our years of gardening the cerise side of pink, rather as in your last image, was a colour we would often use to give an accent, or anchor even, to a border made up of pastel shades.

  9. Oh I am loving pink these days too ♥

    How could we not?
    So many pink inspirations out there ♥

  10. I am a pink girl but with a houseful of boys, there's no room for the color in my home... but in my closet, definitely! Pink can be bold or sweet - so versatile.

  11. Hi Claudia,

    Like you, I don't wear a lot of pink, but I adore it at home. My daughter has a little room off her bedroom that we painted a very bright pink and we love it. I adore those hot pink shelves in that first pic with the blackboard above. And pink roses, tulips and peonies...who could resist?

    xo annie

    p.s. Did i miss the color experimentation for your blog?

  12. I'm not much of a pink girl either, but it really is such a happy color. Right up there with bright yellow.

  13. So happy you visited 24C I can explore your lovely blog!
    I like pink but really don't use it much...I do like the pink sofa in image though...quite a lot actually...I wonder what Mr.24 would have to say about it?!
    xo Jessica

  14. I am not a "pink" girl either but I don't mind adding a hint of pink as accents in my home! Great images, as usual!


  15. I am not a pink girl either, and yet I am constantly drawn to pink images - it's funny! Love that peacock fabric in the first image - is that the Liberty one I wonder?

  16. Pink does bring a smile to a sea of blue or gray!
    Lovely images!