Tuesday, July 5, 2011

a day out

~ the shoppers ~

A trip to ikea and a couple of (big) shopping bags later
can do wonders...

For me:
(I think I deserve a treat...occasionally...)

"Beloved homes!" (an inside look at nine unusual homes in Sweden, 
should be good...)
Someone is already having a look at it...

that would be Georgia
(so serious...)
sitting on our new sheepskin from Ikea
some inspiring images from the book...

and the sheepskin has found a home (for now)

Hope you are having a wonderful afternoon :)
(if you are in Sydney make sure you keep out 
of the wind...
it's icy out there!)

Claudia xo


  1. Sure is icy! I hope you made the time to have meatballs at Ikea, you can't go to Ikea without having meatballs!

  2. Georgia is looking for inspiration, to renovate her own room! :P Big little architect!

  3. Hello Claudia:
    Although we should never claim IKEA to be a favourite store,nevertheless one is always surprised at the clever ideas to be seen there. And, if one shops carefully, there is good design to be had at very competitive prices.

    They also have a keen eye for the local market since the London stores are very different in both style and content from those in Budapest.

  4. What a cute girl! Swedish houses are so nice, practical and cosy. I think as they spend a lot of time at home (winter time), they care a lot about details. Have a wonderful week!!

  5. I also bought a sheepskin rug from Ikea years ago when I shopped there! Who can resist those beautiful, affordable and fluffy sheepskin rugs?

    Have a great day, Claudia!


  6. Love Ikea...and your blog ;)
    -Jessica & Holly

  7. Hello,

    I go never to Ikea and i don't no why! But, i love this blogspot.

    Have a nice weekend