Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday inspiration

all images via niceroom.tumblr.com

Easing back into a work schedule is definitely not simple after four days of relaxing, eating and having fun but it's got to be done and with all the projects that have already started taking shape in my mind I don't really have a choice (not that I want one). As you all know I love my job and the beauty of simple, easy, unpretentious interiors hence the selection above.

Hope you all had a great break.

Have a wonderful day...:))



  1. A beautiful selection..we have such similar taste its not funny! Hope you had a nice break lovely x

  2. I love those blue chairs in the second image!

  3. I have had a lovely break! Love the first picture! Mimi x

  4. Beautiful images, especially the one with the insect poster!
    Beth xx

  5. You always find the best images. It is hard getting back to work after a break but I think I'm ready to and look forward to it. x

  6. Love your images Claudia. I definitely had too much food over easter and not of the healthy variety. Looking forward to getting back to the routine of the normal week. Have a lovely rest of the week!! Leahxx

  7. The light fixture and chairs in the first image are fabulous! Have a great week, Claudia.

  8. I am craving that top lamp! Isn't that brilliant!!!!
    Welcome back from Easter holiday!!!