Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy award time

Hello! It's a happy day for me as the lovely Rachel from "Little bits of lovely" has kindly nominated my blog for an award. First of all thank you Rachel!

Now the rules are that I have to share 7 things about myself and pass the award on to 7 wonderful bloggers...

Here are seven things I can't live without:

My iphone! My whole life depends on it, it's my PA!

Books and magazines are a daily essential too!

Tea time is a ritual for me, can't go without my cup of strong black tea to quickly revitalise myself

Hugs from my hubby and kids...

My daily dose of fruit...I won't say veggies but fruit...yes please!

Music...it calms me down especially when I'm in the car...I love the classic channel on the radio - I've just discovered it and I must admit I am really enjoying it :)

Flowers...they bring freshness and colour to any home and I just feel so much better when I'm surrounded by their beautiful perfume 

The 7 wonderful bloggers I'd like to pass this on to are:

Jane @ plainjanestyling.blogspot.com
Julie @ beingruby.blogspot.com
Nathalie @ dolcevitamamma.blogspot.com
Carla @ carlalovesphotography.blogspot.com
Leah @ leah-theinsidestory.blogspot.com
Kristin @ artecony.blogspot.com
Annie @ mostlovelythings.blogspot.com

Wish you all an amazing day :))

Ciao for now


All images via pinterest :)


  1. Hi Claudia, I have just read your lovely post and saw that I am one of the bloggers you have passed the award onto. Thankyou so much. I am very flattered that you have chosen me. Leahxx

  2. Congrats on your award.

    Books, tea, flowers and family — I too definitely need these things in my life.

  3. Hi Dear Claudia
    Congratulations on your award.. I know i always find something to cheer me when I pop in here for a visit!!! .. Love your iphone.. I would love one of those myself.. but haven't succumbed yet..

    Thanks for passing on award love my way!!! you're too sweet!! Have a great evening.. ciao xxxx Julie

  4. Congrats and nice reading!
    Baby is late, I'm waiting :)

    Have a lovely afternoon!

  5. Congrats!!! :)

    (I´m an iphone addict too! :()

  6. Love these types of posts where we get to learn more about the beautiful authors behind the blog and the quote about fruit is priceless!

  7. Hello Claudia,

    I love your seven things and the photos that go along with them are so wonderful. Thank you for including me in your list of seven to pass on the award. So sweet!

    xo annie

  8. Congratulations, Claudia! You soooo deserve this award. Such a lovely, lovely blog:)

    Tea and flowers and books and magazines - can't live without those either.

  9. Awe, love your list of 7 things! Wish I was near to shower you with some tea, a book, fresh flowers, a blog hug and some American music....but maybe a surprise call on your i-phone would be a treat. Blogging connects so many and love these virtual awards!

  10. Congratulations on the Award! Yes you do deserve it :) And thank you so much for including me :)