Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday inspiration / Copenhagen house

All images via pinterest

Hi everyone, it's so good to be back...:))
I must admit Friday is not a bad day to get back to's nearly the w/end...yeah...!

Hope you are all well and having a fun and inspirational day.

Today I'm inspired by this uncluttered beautiful space in Copenhagen - even the nursery looks peaceful and relaxing...Is it possible in real life? He he!
And those lights in the them!

Take care



  1. Yes, it does look peaceful. Those lights are fantastic. Love the industrial look of them.

    Hope you had a great time away.


  2. Peaceful and uncluttered. Looks good to me. Glad you're back. Have a great weekend! Leahxx

  3. HI Claudia
    Welcome back.. Yes I'm finding lately I'm in need of uncluttered spaces.. so relaxing.. and clean!!

    Well tomorrow night I'll have to go out and watch the sunset.. before we switch back the clocks.. always sad.. I love the long days of summer... the early evenings!!

    Have a fabulous weekend.. ciao xxxx Julie

    PS.. thanks for sweet comment