Thursday, April 21, 2011

Night shoot

Hello everyone! First of all thanks for all your lovely comments on "the enchanted garden" post. They sure did wonders on my self esteem...(he he!) And here I am posting some of my own work again.

These photos were taken a few weeks ago.  Some of them are available through my calinteriors etsy shop.

Hope you are having a wonderful day. Here in Sydney the sky is blue and the sun is's a beautiful day. I might take the children to the show, see how we go.

Whatever you are doing have fun and stay safe :))



  1. Beautiful photos. The garden as well! The light is amazing:) Who is that woman in the photo? You?

  2. Hi dear Claudia
    I love your shots in that last post.. and I know just the light you were talking about.. the bay was all pink and mysterious but by the time I ran home for camera it was gone.. It was gorgeous glad you captured it...

    These are great too.. clever you!!... Have a lovely day.. ciao xxx Julie

  3. Sounds like someones a wee bit excited about the eater break ;) enjoy yourself and be safe x

  4. Love these photo's. Nice to see some familiar areas in blog land.


  5. These are beautiful! I love night shots...

  6. Hi Claudia,
    Your photos certainly capture the best of Sydney! What a beautiful city. Well done!
    Beth x

  7. Your photos are great Claudia. Love these night shots. The weather has been perfect lately, hope you have a great day at the show, we are off to the beach. Leahxx