Thursday, July 10, 2014

Today's love / neon

beaded hanging planters from hunting for george

neon sign from sparc


from my style file via pinterest

A pop of neon is a fun way to brighten up any room, it's a great addition to kids rooms, living rooms and work spaces. There are plenty of decorating choices when it comes to neon, including a great variety of fabrics, objects and paint colours - a real treat for the home owner and decorator. The sky is the limit really when it comes to decorating with bright shades and the good news is that there are no rules and regulations, just mix and match, add and take away until it looks and feels right. Try a few different combinations (give yourself at least a couple of options) before making the final selection. Just remember that if you want to keep it fairly neutral just add a few neon touches with scattered cushions or vases (they can be easily substituted) artwork or a single chair. If you want to go all out select a dark wall colour and add a couple of pieces of neon furniture, it'll look fantastic! Either way just have fun and change things around until you are happy.


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