Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Finishing touches

Let the fun begin...You have done the hard yards (you have planned your home, chosen materials and finishes, paint colours, bought furniture, and selected fabrics) now it's time to add your signature to the space, it's time to accessorise! Accessorising will give you the chance to play around and get creative. Finishing touches like artwork and other collections will help to really make the space your own. Items bought in your travels, at local markets or at your favourite gallery can all be displayed on your walls, shelves and cabinets. Ceramics, glassware, anything at all that you love can be grouped by a common theme and put on show. These collections will make your home unique and will give you a sense of joy and achievement. 
Below is a selection of images that show just in how many ways you can showcase your favourite pieces and they can include: artwork, rugs, pop of colour, ceramics, basket-ware, linen, mirrors, texture, lighting.

images via the gorgeous most lovely things on pinterest

All different. All beautiful.


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