Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday inspiration / back to Zen

Zen is a Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism, it focuses its attention on the importance of meditation and intuition. In interior design we use the term Zen to describe a space in which the architecture shines through and only includes the basic everyday essentials in the decor. It's a clutter free space in which the mind achieves tranquillity and stillness through meditation. Realistically it's not easy to have such a space at home, in our culture we tend to collect too many objects/memories to be able to achieve the Zen look. I personally find it soothing to be surrounded by familiar things at home, things I inherited from family and friends or things my kids have made. In my opinion the best way to achieve a clutter free home and reclaim and bit of Zen is to design and include a good storage system in our homes - a great storage system is definitely paramount when building or renovating. That way everything has its own place and tidying up doesn't necessarily have to turn into an irritating inconvenience! 

images via the glossier nerd

Happy Monday!


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