Saturday, September 24, 2011

A happy week-end

It's been a busy and tiring week and I am so glad it's over...Weather wise it's been unusually warm and then cold again. Today for instance is quite chilly, I am wearing my coziest jumper and warm slippers, having tea and trying to relax...Family wise it has been youngest daughter Georgia was sick - still is, she's been sick all week poor baby with a temperature and bad cough - she is now taking antibiotics and hopefully she will be back to normal very soon. I had forgotten how exhausting it is to look after a sick child and how frustrating...not being able to really help, apart from lots of hugs and medication. We are both very tired and we will be taking it easy this coming week.
The week after we will be flying to Melbourne for a mini break :) -Can't wait!
It will be lovely to spend some time together, just the five of us and really enjoy each other's company (hopefully!...) We will be doing some shopping and visiting the Werribee open range zoo located approx. 30 km from Melbourne where we will do a mini Safari, it should be fun!

Now I leave you with some favourites from this past week. Hope you enjoy :)

(feminine touches, soft colour palette, delicate details)

design sponge
(some of my own work - lovely burst of summer colours for lots of much needed energy  - planning my next abstract work on canvas)

 Inspirational words

table tonic

Have a wonderful week-end!

Claudia xo


  1. Oh Claudia, it sounds like you need a nice break. Hope your daughter gets better soon, there is nothing worse than a sick child. Have a relaxing and calm weekend. Leahxx

  2. Sorry to hear your little girl is unwell, hope she is feeling better soon. Enjoy your mini break. x

  3. love the advice :)
    thanks !

  4. Happy weekend to you...and a get well soon to Georgia!

  5. Thanks for the lovely inspirations/images.

    I love love your quote.

    And have a wonderful weekend ♥

  6. Have a great mini-break! Melbourne's perfect for that!
    Beth x