Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday finds

I am loving pinterest at the moment, I'm addicted to it!
I love browsing the site and discovering new exciting blogs, 
sites, people and's pure bliss!
Here's what I've found this morning...

The "new age" diaper bag

Isn't this lovely? I mean when my children were babies I had to use big,
horrible "diaper bags" and look at what you can buy now...
not bad at all, don't you think?

the Ikea rug

I'm still amazed by some wonderful Ikea products
and this is definitely one of them. this rug is sooo cool!

 some creativity...

why didn't I think of that?  Eco friendly alternative to jewellery box :)

A wish...

Don't you wish your phone could save you from impulsive behaviour?
 He he...Love it!

Swedish beauty

I can't resist an all white interior so feminine and graceful...want!

bright bazaar

original art

Love people that think outside the square...always refreshing

me oh my mama

Have a wonderful day :))



  1. I absolutely adore that last pic, what a awesome poem how romantic if your man did that for you ... sigh

  2. Lovely as usual:) I do have a question for you. I am looking for inspirational photos of Belgian Decor. Pretty sure this is the direction I want to go in this house but can't find a lot out there!? Help!

  3. Love the all white.. I am obsessed with white! Great find.. Loveing all your posts. xxx

  4. you have a lovely blog! I have my eye on that ikea rug...I hope they still have it in a couple of months!

  5. The white room is just divine! I love that last photo too. So romantic! Enjoy the gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  6. I always love that IKEA keeps popping up on blogs. Love the white restful and the coca cola bottle---how cool is that?