Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Under foot / parquetry + timber floorboards

Parquetry and timber floorboards add timeless beauty to any space.
Their softness works well with both period features and contemporary elements
 making them a popular choice for homeowners and designers alike.
I personally love selecting floorboards for my clients, 
they are easy to maintain and even improve with age.
They can be treated, varnished, painted, 
or sanded back and re-polished later on if needed.
I do love seeing them in their original condition
even scratched they radiate beauty and elegance.
At caldesign we like to keep hold of salvaged boards 
and use them again if possible,
up-cycling is a great way to give timber a new lease of life.
Be creative, think of different applications too, 
don't limit yourself to floors and walls.
Recycled timber can also do wonders for spaces 
that have little charm and need some character or warmth.
Here are some beautiful examples of timber floors and parquetry.

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