Monday, August 25, 2014

interior design trends / ethnic prints

The beautiful colours and intricate patterns will inject style and personality into any room.
Use as much or as little as you want, complement the look with rustic hardwood and/or a stone wall or balance it out with white walls and neutrals - explore all possibilities and settle for what you love.
Right now I'm embracing this trend and using ethnic prints in a lot of my styling. There are a few different ways to showcase the look, one of my favourite is to layer kilims on the floor for extra warmth under foot and add a kilim cushion or two on the lounge to finish off the look. 
At home you can start by playing around with patterns and colours, see what suits the space (get a clue from a favourite object or artwork) and once you've selected your colour scheme and your art is hung add your accessories - this is a great way to personalise the space - keep editing as you wish until you have achieved the result you are after.
Tip - this look is inviting and it suits a lot of decors so don't be afraid to try different styles, just select a print that you love and make it shine by pairing it with a dark neutral or navy on white or cream background (walls); choose a timber side table, add metal via a vase or candle holder or a metal floor lamp and you'll have a beautifully balanced space. 
If ever in doubt simply contact your local decorator - after all help is only a phone call away!

all images via pinterest

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