Tuesday, August 5, 2014

First impressions count

 You can create a beautiful front garden and welcoming front door just by following a few simple steps. Start by checking all fences, side gates and front gate/s, make sure they are in good nick, wash them regularly and give them a fresh lick of paint every couple of years. Same with the front door and all windows. Remove clutter regularly and trim all edges, trees and shrubs once a month. Inspect the roof yearly and gutters quarterly making sure that everything is in order - especially before a heat wave or after a storm - get rid of all leaves and branches and make sure that the downpipes are functioning. 
Keeping on top of jobs and create some sort of routine is key, wether it happens on the weekend or once a month, just approach the task with a positive attitude, get the kids involved whenever possible and make sure that it doesn't turn into an irritating exercise. If you are ever unsure don't be afraid to engage the services of a professional - always get up to three quotes if possible and never allow anyone else to make the decision for you, you have to be comfortable with it in the end.
Personal style is not an issue but try and work out a plan for the garden as well as the house as soon as possible and engage the services of a designer/architect if necessary - it will save you money and time in the long run. Some homeowners tend to by-pass designers/landscape architects/architects to save money but in our experience it doesn't always work to their advantage, infact they are often forced to engage the services of such designers towards the end of the planning/building process or afterwards which means it will end up costing them a lot more than planned and that is definitely not good for anyone. 

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