Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Morning coffee

It was an early start this morning and needed all the caffeine that I could get.
Early school drop off means early arrival at the office...
It's chaos here at the moment, lots of projects (big and small) are happening.
It's a great time of the year to collect ideas and thoughts, infact
the temperature is ideal for working both outdoors and indoors which makes autumn/winter the most popular season for home owners to get started on their plans to refresh or renovate their home.
Lots of interior colour consultations are happening at the moment, as well as exterior ones which means that we are selecting lots of paint colours as well as wall tiles, floors, kitchen cabinets, splashbacks and counter tops + outdoor paint colours, pavers, colourbond and plants.

But should we have that coffee first?

An all white mood board is a great way to clear the mind and collect ideas and thoughts. 
I love mine at the's a collection of whites, different textures and details, oh so chic...!

Have a wonderful day
Enjoy this beautiful weather

Catch up soon

All images via the glossier nerd

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