Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Living room design

 One of my current projects involves styling/designing an open plan living/dining area. I am working with existing furniture (a modular lounge, a couple of chest of drawers, a dining table and chairs) My client has asked for new lamps and new blinds/curtains. I'm giving her a few extra bits too. The area has been painted white and has white floor tiles, and an all white kitchen - which may sound dreamy but infact it's quite stark and scary! The whole area appears rather cold at the moment, it definitely needs some warmth and a bit of colour. That warmth and colour will be introduced with rugs, soft furnishing and a warmer wall colour. I've put together a moodboard, as always I start from the floor and work my way up. This floor needs some beautiful rugs and I've found some lovely ones on a budget. The house is quite contemporary and I'd like to keep that contemporary feel, hence the greys and neutrals, I just think they'll make the transition a lot softer - and will be easier to add a splash of brighter colour with accessories later. Here's my starting point (below). My selections are from freedom and west elm.

I think the patterned rugs are ideal to define the areas and add personality to this space. Combined with the right art, the cushions and beautiful lighting I'm sure the fresh new look the owner is after will be achieved. Every space is different and special, it's important that it reflects the owners' style and personality, that it's comfortable, and that it suits their family needs and their lifestyle.


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