Thursday, October 24, 2013

Small outdoor/indoor spaces

We had a lot of enquiries about courtyard design last weekend at Grand designs live in Sydney, which for us was a pretty good indication of where the market is heading and what type of construction will become more and more popular in the near future in our city. The majority of people we spoke to didn't know what to do with their tiny outdoor and/or indoor space and needed guidance. They all asked similar questions, the most popular ones being: "Where do we start?" "What's a concept plan?" or "How detailed is it?" "Can it be submitted to council?". The first step would be to meet up and tell us about your project. Once we have the brief we go back and gather ideas, those ideas are then transferred onto paper, a concept plan, which is drawn up to scale and contains quite a few details, such as materials and finishes. It's important to know what the space will be used for and what mood one wants to create. Images can also be very helpful at this stage and help us head in the right direction in terms of look, character and style. For more info on the process head to our website and go to process. If you are still confused send us an enquiry or ring us, it's that easy!

courtyard inspiration via google

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  1. I may have to ask your advice on courtyards too, we are building a courtyard onto the front of our house at the moment, once the limestone walls are built (hopefully they'll finish this week!) we will be looking at paving/grass/pebbles/heaven knows what else and of course lots of gardening ideas for plants and my favourite part is the decor - chosing pots, a water chain feature and maybe some outdoor wall art too! At least the Spring weather is improving and much better for being outdoors and getting everything ready for summer parties and entertaining :)