Monday, October 28, 2013

Colour inspiration / coastal

One of my current jobs include selecting colours, materials and finishes for a house on the northern beaches of Sydney, a beautiful cottage overlooking Pittwater, heaven on earth...I started to put some colours and materials together in preparation for my meeting next week and when I come across this image (below), I fell overjoyed, it was like someone had gone to the trouble of taking a picture of my vision and post it on google, couldn't have been more detailed myself. 
It's perfect. Had to share it.


This is what I have in mind: natural materials, soft colours, a serene palette, perfect for living, working and entertaining in these surroundings. This home enjoys stunning water views and the interiors colour scheme needs to complement the gorgeous landscape and play the all important supportive role. 
Serenity is the key here. It's a tranquil location and the owners enjoy relaxing at home during the week after work and love to entertain family and friends on the weekend. It's an ideal setting for both activities.
I look forward to putting this particular board together and to the final result. 
Will let you know how I go.

Catch up soon,


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