Monday, August 5, 2013

Shopping for artwork

It's not easy. It can be difficult, even frustrating - especially if it's your first time. Where should you start and what should you do? Before you go to a dealer, you should look around, do some research, google the artists and styles that you like, then contact a few dealers and/or consultants in your area and ask as many questions as possible about both emerging and established artists, their type of work, their styles, size of their work etc - it is an investment after all. At home you should make a note of the aspect of the room, the decor, favourite objects, colours, the  size you have in mind for the artwork, the style (is it going to be a painting, canvas or photograph or...?) plus the style and size of your frame if applicable. If it becomes too stressful (perhaps you have too much to choose from, or there's a budget issue, or not enough time to shop around) you are indecisive and need some guidance you can hire a consultant - art consultants will charge an hourly rate and will help you select some beautiful artwork for your home - most dealers offer this type of service, just phone your local gallery or check online. If you are unsure about colours and styles and perhaps you do not want to visit an art dealer you could hire an interior designer or a colour consultant - most designers have plenty of contacts and will help you find the right piece of art at the right price in no time. Another great (and inexpensive) way to own art is to visit local markets and second-hand shops, they can be filled with the most amazing treasures. Or you might like to support a local artist (which is a great way to start an art collection) - there are a lot of talented emerging artists out there, you could start by ringing your local council - they'll have a list of upcoming exhibitions mainly run by the local art society (a group of very talented and enthusiastic local artists) - the exhibitions are a great way to meet the artists in person, have a chat with them about their art and media and get to know their styles.  

Finally if you do not want to fully commit to one piece of art and would like some flexibility remember that you can hire artwork too (yes!) it's a great way to rotate styles, size etc. and instantly refresh the look of your home.

Important #1 rule - only buy it if you love it.

images 2,3,4,5 caldesign; 1, the block sky high (matt and kim - foyer)


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